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Birthdate:Jul 17
Lesson One: Read the Readme!!

I could quote some lyrics, or attempt to craft some uber-poetic nonsense to make me seem like I'm some sort of fucking bard or goth muse or tortured soul like most of the people I know, but I'll spare you (and myself).

I'm not going to write a bio. You either already know me, or you'll decide on your own whether or not to take the chance and ask to be added (yes, it's friends only). That sounds tough and all, but it's really not supposed to sound as "FUCK OFF AND DIE" as it comes across.

I normally only post when I'm pissed off about something, or if I just have something non sequitur to contribute. Expect nothing coherent. Oh, and those "interest" things? I'm far too lazy to update them.

Keep this in mind: my sense of humor can go from robust to dry and sacrastic about as quickly as hip hop music can start to suck. If you're too sensitive, it will probably just come off as abrasive. In that case, you might either want to reconsider, or try to keep in mind that a joke is, after all, a joke. Just a heads up.

On with the fun journal.

The wriggling black loaf shall invade Livejournal!
NOT a sex toy!!
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